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Two weeks without Rick Schwartz!


Rick Schwartz

It’s been two weeks already without any blog posts from the domain king, Rick Schwartz.

Rick’s decision to stop blogging has hit the domain blogosphere severely, and many are getting uneasy about the situation.

Below are some statements made by domain bloggers about this continuing blogging embargo by Rick:

Morgan Linton: Every day I check Rick’s blog for new posts, while I’m sipping my cinnamon latte, on my way to another SEO and start-up conference. I miss Rick and how commentators at his blog used to confuse me with a guy named LS Morgan.

Domain Shane: Rick’s being missed, no doubt. During my daily half marathon runs I think of all the wisdom he brought forth to this industry. By the way, check out my daily list of drops; no pigeon shit in there!

Elliot Silver: I was having dinner with my wife the other day, around 9pm and felt like going to bed but she’s expecting in April so I have to keep eating late dinners. Anyway, Rick Schwartz has some interesting blog posts. Please buy my domain name DogWalker.com

Tia Wood: I’m offering a free $1,000 worth of goodies for Christmas and Rick sent me a note that he’d love to participate but he’s taken an oath of blogging silence. It’s really a shame, come back Rick!

Rick Latona: When I was a kid I sold a lot of watches and C90 tapes with Duran Duran music. Rick Schwartz showed me the ropes of serial entrepreneurship. I quit selling domains at auctions and Rick inspired me to stop sending out e-newsletters.

Mike Berkens: I see a lot of movement to the right of the dot com, particularly the end of the alphabet, such as .XXX. Rick said he won’t invest in new TLDs and I have to respectfully disagree with his decision. The future is in gTLDs.

Andrew Allemann – DomainNameWire: I was perusing the UDRP database as usual every morning and I’m amazed that Rick Schwartz never lost one. Then later on, I was searching the GoDaddy database, what with them being my sponsor and didn’t find any domains registered by Rick. I called my sponsor, Escrow.com and they have no recent transactions by Rick. Please visit my sponsors.

Ron Jackson – DNJournal: As a young teenager, Rick Schwartz learned the ropes of commerce at a young and tender age. His continuous effort to challenge the norm and seek alternative ways to achieve his goal paid off. Ten more .com domains made it to the top of the weekly list of overpriced sales.

Francois Carrillo – Domaining.com: Rick knows, when write when stop. In France we say silence is gold and money made quiet, when competition asleep. At CAX.com no domain from Rick but why not, list it all at only low escrow.


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7 Responses to “Two weeks without Rick Schwartz!”
  1. Shane says:

    Half marathons are for girls πŸ™‚

  2. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    Shane – I know you run two half-marathons a day so that’s a full marathon πŸ˜€

  3. Mike says:

    Who cares!??!?!?!? Really people. Who cares!???!??!??? There is more to life what Rick.

  4. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    Mike – You can’t be serious, Rick’s one of the three pillars of domaining; the other two being Frank Schilling and Dr. Kevin Ham (also known as “the man who owns the Internet”.)

  5. Poor Uncle says:

    I miss Rick. Never met the guy. But he is the most successful bullshitter I know of. I missed his daily dose of wisdom. Where can I find a free Rick t-shirt?

  6. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    Poor Uncle – Rick still responds to emails, you know…

  7. domainggg says:

    Rick you are known as “domain king” but Rick we seriously miss you as a “blogging king”, now you are in the world of “Develop Town”, so what are you Developing in that town?

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