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#UCF Bros : #Domainer students bidding heavily on #Undergraduate .com

A group of poor students that are also domain investors, are bidding heavily on Undergraduate.com currently.

The live domain auction at DropCatch is attracting the entrepreneurial student group, whose finances are challenged by heavy student loans.

“Me and my bros are bidding on Undergraduate.com because it’s a cool domain, and we pool our money,” said Bob S., an undergraduate student at UCF.

“It’d be so cool to win this domain because we are a team and we need to up our game, bro!” exclaimed Bob S.

The team of poor students has secured the important sidekick domain, UndergraduateBros.com, but they are after the true generic to up their domain investing game.

Thousands of UCF students party every night around campus in Orlando, taking a break from intensive classes, as it’s almost Thanksgiving. The undergraduate programs at UCF are strong and among the best in the nation.

Party life is cool too.

“If we win this domain, we’ll be pledging for Sigma Chi bro, so cool!” said Rico G. of the bidding group, known as “9G,” adding: “We plan to flip the domain quickly, on instagram or snapchat bro!”

While poor, these students definitely have a solid business plan, so if you want Undergraduate.com better be prepared for some serious competition, bro, as the auction ends in 4 hours.

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