UCFKnights.com – Who is the biggest boob?

UCF Knights – Who is the biggest boob?

Central Florida is home to one of the best universities in the Southeast – the University of Central Florida or UCF for short.

Known for its modern facilities and campus, UCF provides its students with great tuition and quite often, a fun lifestyle experience in the Orlando area.

The UCF Knights is a sports program that includes among others, the UCF Knights football team. College football is an exciting part of Florida sports and the UCF Knights can be found on the web at http://ucfathletics.cstv.com

Remarkably, UCFKnights.com is not used, despite being owned by the UCF Alumni Association since 2000!

The web site at UCFKnights.com simply points to GoDaddy ads, thus devaluing the domain and the franchise and definitely confusing its visitors.

Shanna McLaughlin is a UCF Alumna and Playmate of the month for July 2010 – wow!

If that “boob” of a situation wasn’t enough, the UCF Knights were recently plagued by a different type of scandal.

UCF alumna and July 2010 Playboy Playmate of the Month Shanna McLaughlin did a photoshoot inside the UCF Knights locker room.

No explicit permission was given by the University of Central Florida officials, who have since apologized to the general public for allowing this to happen.

I’m not sure why they would have to apologize to the hordes of testosterone-laden male students at UCF, who most definitely welcomed Shanna McLaughlin’s great assets.

Shanna McLaughlin looks absolutely stunning in a “behind the scenes” video, but surely someone is going to lose their position at UCF for allowing this young lady to reveal her juicy bits having the UCF Knights insignia as the backdrop!

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3 Responses to “UCFKnights.com – Who is the biggest boob?”
  1. Nordi says:

    Whoah she’s absolutely hot!!

  2. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    Nordi – I believe she’s smart too 😀 After all, she graduated from UCF.

  3. BullS says:

    Hot and smart….that the best combination for a woman.

    For the men, it is always either fat and smart or bald or poor or some bad ass attitude.

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