UK heatwave threatens aged #domain names

It’s the hottest day in the UK ever, or at least since King Arthur roamed Britain’s leafy woods in full chain mail gear.

With temperatures rising above 108 Fahrenheit (42.2 C) the British royal subjects are facing a scorching summer heat.

Several million domain names are also in danger, as they were registered with domain microcode that is less heat-resistant. Older registrations of domains are expected to be exposed to increased heat unless their registrars provide much needed air conditioning at registrar facilities.

“We are facing an extraordinary heatwave here in the UK and whilst I’m in shock by the current temperatures, we are very much prepared,” said Angus McSlickey of Absolutely Fab Domain Names.

“Absolutely, dot and its youngest sibling, dot .uk, are safe and secure at our facilities, having undergone a splendid installation of nitrogen cooling of the domain vaults,” added Angus McSlickey, drinking iced tea.

Domain registrants of and .uk domains should consider a registrar such as Absolutely Fab Domain Names to protect their premium domain assets. Prolonged heat can be devastating and there are some unverified reports of self-deleting domains.

If you are in the UK, drink plenty of water and stay away from the heat. Just like Boris Johnson’s premiership, this too shall pass.

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