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Unidonuts(tm) : Domain Registry to give away hundreds of short letter domains


Unidonuts(tm) Registry.

With gTLD domains expanding the lanes of Information Superhighway, one’s dream of owning a really short domain (RSD) can become a reality.

Everything comes at a price, however; in particular, single letter domains are retained by domain registries like gold nuggets.

“People realize that there is a value in short domain names, and especially single letter domains,” said Unidonuts(tm) Registry CEO, Stan Frankura.

“Since launching a few years back, Unidonuts(tm) has made it clear that we will eventually give them out en masse to qualified registrants, at cost or even for free!” exclaimed Frankura.

Visionary entrepreneurs like Stan Frankura launched their domain registry business by observing the oppression of dot .com, a domain market still refusing to release single letter domains to the general public.

Unidonuts(tm) is about to shift the paradigm in the coming weeks and months.

“Unidonuts is in a position to challenge the status quo of dot .com, by producing meaningful domain extensions and short, single letter domains are the hottest commodity in the market,” said Stan Frankura.

To qualify for one of the hundreds of single letter domains owned and managed by Unidonuts(tm), domain investors must provide a plan of use and sign a binding contract; one cannot simply get a single letter domain to park or resell it.

“If you want a really short domain, such as A.Banana, SN.App, C.Oral or B.Itch you’d have to lay out a 5 year development plan and seek crowdfunding or angel investments from Angel.co or other online sources,” said Stan Frankura, adding: “It’s an opportunity of a lifetime, and the rise of the non-com generation, no doubt!”

For more information, visit Unidonuts.com.


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2 Responses to “Unidonuts(tm) : Domain Registry to give away hundreds of short letter domains”
  1. Rubens Kuhl says:

    Unidonuts site should be unidonuts.domains …

  2. DomainGang says:

    Rubens – The enemy must be fought from within its own ranks.

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