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Uniregistry and gTLDs : Domain registrations surpass the 2 million mark



Uniregistry, and its domain registrar, Uniregistrar, have more reasons to celebrate.

Frank Schilling’s company has officially surpassed 2 million domain names under management, as far as new gTLDs go.

The milestone was crossed last week, according to ntldstats that keeps track of such domain data. More than 1.5 million registrations are for .XYZ domains, which is not a Uniregistry gTLD.

To be clear: This number does not include traditional TLDs, such as .COM, .NET and .ORG – only the new gTLDs.

If we were to include these TLDs, the total number is a little over 3,069,000 domains currently.

Uniregistry currently manages 25 new gTLD extensions, and you can find them all here.

Its most popular new gTLD is dot .Click with more than 60,000 domain names.

In recent weeks, Uniregistry launched the Uniregistry app for Android, and integrated the Domain Name Sales brokers into the Uniregistry Brokerage.

Definitely a busy summer for the popular domain registrar!

Note: Uniregistry is a premium sponsor of DomainGang. We often share news and updates about their services, which we also use.

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