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Uniregistry and Internet Traffic : Merger pushed to 2016



Last month, we revealed that Uniregistry and Internet Traffic were scheduled to merge in December.

At the time, the PayPal payment for Internet Traffic revenue announced the expected timeframe of Frank Schilling’s corporate merger.

Today for the first time, the monthly proceeds for PPC revenue for domains parked at Internet Traffic, arrived from the PayPal account of Uniregistry.

Along with it arrived the following note, which pushes back the merger date by one month – to January 2016:

“Welcome to the first payment from the Uniregistry Market. We look forward to sending many more in future.

This is a great time to create a Uniregistry account, explore and familiarize yourself with us.

Final migration of DNS inside Uniregistry is set for January 2016.

You’re going to love it. :-)”

Let’s hope the wait will be worthwhile!

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