Uniregistry : Cryptic message unveils more changes arriving in September



A rather cryptic message from Uniregistry arrived this fine evening, hinting of more changes coming up in September.

That’s right, August is almost over, so here’s what the email from Uniregistry had to say:

“Today Uniregistry released the 3 apostles build of our Uniregistry market.

You’ll notice leads/inquiries are much easier to follow for buyer and seller.

This Tuesday we launch . CN and Chinese translation site wide!

This September we add 15 languages making it easier to sell names around the World!

We’re not done. Expect great infrastructure this fall. “

We aren’t sure what the “3 apostles build” is all about, but Uniregistry founder, Frank Schilling, has always been one of the 3 pillars of domaining, according to Father Domainicus.

Last month, Uniregistry shared some similar information, in its PPC payments dispatch.

We cannot wait!

For more information, visit Uniregistry.com.

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