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Uniregistry : Domain discounts for all active DNAcademy students

Sponsored by Uniregistry*

Uniregistry has partnered with expert domain Sherpa, Michael Cyger, and his DNAcademy.com project.

DNAcademy has become a top resource for domainer education, and Uniregistry offers all active DNAcademy students some deeply discounted pricing.

For example, DNAcademy students are now able to register .com domains for only $8.77 each – approximately 41% cheaper than the leading registrar’s standard rate.

What this means:

  • With a portfolio of 50 domains at Uniregistry, DNAcademy students can save up to $864.
  • With a portfolio of 500 domains, students can save up to $8,640 with this offer.

Additionally, DNAcademy students will receive 30% off both registrations and renewals on the following gTLDs:

.link, .click, .help, .mom, .audio, .blackfriday, .christmas, .diet, .flowers, .guitars, .hiphop, .hosting, .hiv, .juegos, .lol, .photo, .pics, .property, .sexy, and .tattoo.

There are more benefits for active DNAcademy students with this offer: a 25% discount when they transfer their domain names to Uniregistry from any other registrar.

By using Uniregistry as their registrar of choice, DNAcademy students enjoy the following standard benefits:

  • Free WHOIS privacy.
  • Two-factor authentication protection.
  • A highly efficient back-end, created from the ground up to manage with domain portfolios of any size.
  • Great mobile apps for iOS and Android, to manage domains and Uniregistry market listings.

Michael Cyger, founder and lead instructor said about the partnership with Uniregistry:

“Providing value to domain name investors, both through education and relationships, is our focus at DNAcademy, and I’m excited to partner with Uniregistry because they offer innovative management tools, provide a host of free benefits, and help students lower their investment costs. Couple these benefits with a DNAcademy education, and students have a unique advantage in the domain name industry and the best opportunity to secure a high return on their investment.”

Frank Schilling, founder and CEO of Uniregistry, made the following statement:

“At Uniregistry, our philosophy is making domain names easy. Ease is born through education. Knowledge builds strength! We’re proud to support the next generation of domain investors by providing unique benefits to DNAcademy students. My friend Michael Cyger, has a passion for educating and we’re proud to offer his students extremely beneficial pricing.  I encourage you to join DNAcademy today to take advantage of all the benefits it provides.”

To learn more about the details of the partnership visit https://www.dnacademy.com/uniregistry.

If you are already a DNAcademy Basic or Pro member, visit https://www.dnacademy.com/student-discounts and get started.

About Uniregistry:

Uniregistry is a domain name registration company creating innovative and intuitive products for users to connect on the Internet. Uniregistry facilitates user choice by provisioning more than 25 new extensions, including .link, .audio, .game, .help, and .photo.

Note: Uniregistry is a premium sponsor of DomainGang.com. We share news and information about their products and services. This post does not constitute an endorsement.

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