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Uniregistry : Domain Market launches

An announcement from Uniregistry about their much-anticipated Uniregistry Market made it to our mailbox:

You can now buy, sell, and manage your domains with 1 login. We’ve incorporated the simplicity of Uniregistry into our award-winning domain brokerage. The best part? If your domains already live at Uniregistry there’s zero setup.

Visit and explore all the Market has to offer – from advanced portfolio features to in-depth reporting and a gorgeous UI which lets you buy and sell domains with ease.   

According to Uniregistry, if you have a Domain Name Sales account, the setup should be seamless:

“Seamless setup – If you already have a DNS account, simply log in to Uniregistry and link to it. This will give you access to all your inquiries right there in the Market. Like we said – seamless setup. “


After logging in our account with Uniregistry, it took literally 1 minute to link our account at Domain Name Sales. We were then ready to view our DNS portfolio, transaction history and more.

Domain Name Sales will continue to operate until the Uniregistry Market platform is 100% mature.

The full email from Uniregistry follows:

One inquiry or a million, tools that scale

Managing a portfolio shouldn’t be challenging. We give you a complete platform capable of selling from the largest portfolios on the planet. So whether you have a single domain or thousands, you’ll never be lost with us.

Sell your way

List them for sale, mark them for offer only, or just plain ol’ park them to watch the revenue roll in – we don’t dictate
how you use your domains. We do, however, give you a complete set of tools so that whatever you decide to do can be done.

Instant completion

Your domains really are more valuable with us. Domains that live at Uniregistry with a “buy it now” price are eligible for instant checkout through our Registrar. Once added to the market, anyone can find your domains with a simple search from our homepage – checkout is instant and easy.

An inbox for everything

Manage all your sales inquiries with ease using a sales inbox designed specifically for the process of selling domains.

Reply, set reminders, quote prices, and do it all from a single interface. Act on individual requests or use our powerful bulk tools to manage everything in an instant.

Checkout for all

Accept the deal, send the checkout link, then kick back and relax. We’ve built our Secure Exchange technology into the Market – that means we take care of everything from the time you say ‘It’s a deal’ to the time the funds are received into your account. Complete sales with ease.

Did we mention that we’ll even help you out with credit card payments, wire transfers, and payment plans? We want you to sell your domains as much as you do.

Welcome to the future of domain name sales.


Uniregistry Market


Uniregistry Market : Linking to an existing Domain Name Sales account.


Uniregistry Market : Creating your profile.

Uniregistry Market : Setup complete.

Uniregistry Market : Setup complete.

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One Response to “Uniregistry : Domain Market launches”
  1. James says:

    The Uniregistry market opened over 3 months ago and I refuse to use it. DNS still has my vote. The market is lacking about 1/2 of the
    features I use on a daily basis in DNS. I am not sure why they opened this when it does not have all the features we use in DNS. From
    the minimal reporting features, to automated followup and the list goes on.

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