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Uniregistry : Example of a 60-day lock “opt out” for a domain transfer


When ICANN imposed new rules to WHOIS updates, they created a bureaucratic process that attempts to address the issue of domain theft.

From December 1st onward, changes to a domain’s ownership records trigger a process that resembles a domain transfer, even if no such transfer takes place.

For transfers to another registrar, domains get locked for 60 days during which no further contact editing is permitted, but there is a way to opt out.

Uniregistry announced that they will be providing such an option for every such inbound transfer, and one can see the option checkbox below.

As one can see, the box that says “Opt-out of the 60-day transfer lock” is pre-checked.

Uniregistry now has a dedicated FAQ page as well.

Other domain registrars, such as Name.com and eNom.com offer similar methods to opt out from this bureaucratic process.

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