#Uniregistry : Get paid for PPC at a $25 dollar balance!


Uniregistry users rejoice: the old PPC threshold of between $100 and $500 dollars is getting reduced, substantially.

Let’s face it: domain parking isn’t what it used to be, and making dollars and cents is harder than before.

Uniregistry is now lowering PPC payout thresholds to just $25 dollars, by the end of this month and per this announcement:

When you sell domains or earn parking revenue on the Uni Market, the current minimum payout is $100, $250, or $500 depending on source and destination.

We’ve received customer feedback to reduce this minimum threshold.

Effective November 30th, 2020, you will be paid out from Uni Market domain sales or parking revenue on amounts as low as $25 USD. This means more of your money is more readily accessible, especially if you had a balance below the minimum payout amount.

In recent weeks, a lot of hard work has been done to improve the PPC conversion rates and thus revenue, for domains parked at Uniregistry.

The announcement about reducing the payout threshold includes domain market sales at the Uni Market.

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