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#Uniregistry Market : “Ass pass” will help tackle #domain lowballers

Uniregistry Market – Ass Pass.

Uniregistry listens to its loyal customers, and is rolling out a new, exciting feature at its domain marketplace.

The Uniregistry Market Ass Pass will allow for a range of explosive responses, via a pre-selected menu of insulting replies.

“Many domain investors with portfolios at Uniregistry Market are sick and tired by the increased amount of entitlement demonstrated by some lowballing individuals,” said Market manager, Nikitas Papalionis.

“With the Uniregistry Market Ass Pass, you can escalate the matter without being afraid of account termination. We want you to be a happy customer of Uniregistry, and some inquiries clearly are meant to bust people’s nuts,” added Papalionis.

The Ass Pass comes with a $9.99 price tag, and can be used 5 times; you can buy up to 6 Ass Passes annually.

Some of the responses include the following NSFW one-liners:

  • The mental institute number in your area: 888-NUT-JOBS
  • For $10 I’ll take a dump on your kitchen floor, does this sound fair?
  • Forty bucks? Let me think about it for a second. Um, no. Go shove that forty up your ass.
  • The domain isn’t being used? OK. How about we post your wife’s nude polaroids on it?
  • F*ck you, f*ck you, f*ck you, and F*CK YOU!

Uniregistry anticipates the add-on to become extremely popular, due to the release it will provide via the use of foul language.

“There’s no doubt domainers prefer an honest, civil exchange in our marketplace,” said Nikitas Papalionis, adding: “There are some nutjobs out there that believe $10 offers are reasonable for five figure domains. Now it’s your turn to fight back those dickwads!”

Would you use the Uniregistry Market Ass Pass when it becomes available?

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4 Responses to “#Uniregistry Market : “Ass pass” will help tackle #domain lowballers”
  1. Logan says:


    Your age is showing.

  2. DomainGang says:

    Logan – At least, it’s not hemorrhoids.

  3. BrandMont says:

    I think i will pass on the ‘Ass Pass’.Even if i were the insulting kind, what bigger insult than being made to chose from a list of customized ones and then having to pay $10 on top of that!!
    The best part of an insult is subtlety and sarcasm, while this seems more like a license to abuse.

  4. DomainGang says:

    BrandMont – Whatever rocks your boat!

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