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Uniregistry Market : Inquiries email has changed



The integration of the Uniregistry Market with the registrar itself, combines both domain-related services under one roof.

Domain portfolio owners can now seamlessly list their domains on the Uniregistry Market platform, and park them or sell them.

These domains don’t have to be registered at Uniregistry, but if they are, the benefits are obvious: instant addition to the Uniregistry Market portfolio, and faster sales through the platform.

Meanwhile, Domain Name Sales is approaching its end of life, and transitioning its brokers to the Uniregistry Brokerage has been completed.

One feature that needs to be noted, is that domain portfolio owners that want to forward email inquiries they received to the market, must now update the forwarding email address.

Instead of “sell/+at+/domainnamesales.com” the new recipient should be “marketsell/+at+/uniregistry.com”. Remove the slashes and pluses that we added for anti-spam purposes.

In addition, all forwarded emails must be sent by the email linked to your account, and the domain must first be added to your Uniregistry Market account, or you won’t get that benefit.

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One Response to “Uniregistry Market : Inquiries email has changed”
  1. mo says:

    There seem to be some things missing at Uniregistry.

    There is an option to see at domainnamesales if the potential buyer was looking at other domains within the Uniregistry/domainnamesales platform. You could tell if the potential buyer was serious or not, if he actually bought names or never responded etc.. I cant find this feauture on Uniregistry platform.

    Also, a major problem I noticed is that in general you get an email that some one inquired about a name, only if the potential buyer confirmed it at an email they got on after entering their details. That is annoying, as many dont want to give more details than what they already gave initially on the landing page.
    And whats worse, is that you the owner dont even get a notice that there was an inquiry unless they confirm it in their email.
    So you basically need to go into Uniregistry market, look up the domain and see what’s the status of inquiries.. and sometimes you will find there a notice of an inquiry, but it was never brought to your attention as the person who entered the details in the landing page, didnt confirm by email. Hope this can be fixed.

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