Uniregistry Market : Ready to roll out the Android version!

Uniregistry is about to roll out the Android version of its Market app, as early as tomorrow!

Users of the most used operating system in the world should rejoice; the integration of the Uniregistry Market with the registrar functions brings the entire domain registration and selling platform to your fingertips.

Apple iOS users have been enjoying the Uniregistry Market app since NamesCon 2017 in January.

At that keynote speech, Uniregistry founder, Frank Schilling, said that the Uniregistry Market achieved sales of $100 million dollars in 18 months – excluding any sales bound to an NDA.

We can’t wait to update to the new Uniregistry Market app – possibly by tomorrow!

Edit: The update has been rolled out today Friday, April 7th.

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