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Uniregistry one step closer to launching domain editor for PPC landers

One of the things that came along with the integration of Domain Name Sales into the Uniregistry Market, is the change in the parked pages.

Instead of the plethora of landers that one customized to suit the context of parked domains, a single, unified “blue hazy mountain” lander became the only choice.

Naturally, many domain investors did not like that.

We recently read about Frank Schilling promising that there will be changes coming soon, allowing domain investors that use the Uniregistry Market to edit the visuals as before.

It seems that the domain editor for the PPC landers is nearing completion.

As of late today, parked domains display the “Make an offer” banner in the familiar green color, as opposed to the hazy blue. That’s a sign of things being tested.

It’s always good to see Uniregistry testing things “live” to gauge public feedback. 😉

Merlin Kauffman's Fiberstar.com.

Merlin Kauffman’s Fiberstar.com.


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2 Responses to “Uniregistry one step closer to launching domain editor for PPC landers”
  1. fizz says:

    Your example lander was totally random wasn’t it DG? lol

  2. DomainGang says:

    fizz – A bit of secondary promotion never hurts 😀

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