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Uniregistry : Three-Dimensional .com domain stands out via new technology


New web browser technology allows domains such as Three-Dimensional.com to stand out – literally.

Gone are the days where users navigate a 2D web; the future is in three dimensions at a minimum.

Larry Wentz, investor and owner of the remarkable domain Three-Dimensional.com explains:

“We have created a new microcode base layer, having worked very close with Microsoft, Apple, Atari and Uniregistry for several months. Three-Dimensional.com is the first such sample of 3D DomTek(tm) that projects various strata of information into three dimensional space, and beyond your computer screen or cellphone.”

Visitors to Three-Dimensional.com will be able to reach out, grab onto and click on items, links and ads; virtual reality goggles are needed by those who have issues with domain depth perception.

“It’s all achieved using ultra-fast refresh rates and holographic domain layers, projecting Google ads with a three-dimensional colorspace at 265 MHz” said Frank Schilling, founder of Uniregistry.

“Expect more great things to arrive in the coming months, that will poke you in the eye,” added Schilling laughing.

Three-Dimensional.com is only the beginning, and we’re witnessing domain history in the making!

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