Uniregistry : Topcoin millionaire cashed his earnings

Uniregistry users can earn Topcoin, the digital cryptocurrency that matches one’s domain expenses at a 2:1 ratio.

In other words, for every dollar one spends, they earn half a Topcoin.

Registering, renewing and transferring domains with Uniregistry can be rewarding, and users can accumulate Topcoin for later use, without any limits.

We received notification from Uniregistry that one such user has cashed his earnings, turning 1.3 million Topcoins into real money.

“One of our best customers has used 1,311,822 Topcoins to buy a condo in Santa Monica, California,” said Frank Schilling.

“It’s really a nice piece of property, and I’m telling you, using Topcoin to buy a real piece of land is a great example of how Uniregistry spreads the wealth among its customers, day after day, domain after domain!” exclaimed Schilling.

The $620,000 dollar condo comes with a fully furnished front room, a guest room, one and a half baths and a front porch with a pair of gnomes, very close to the ocean.

“Topcoin can turn your wildest dreams into reality, as long as you enable it in your Uniregistry account settings,” said Frank Schilling, adding: “Anything is possible with Topcoin, a fancy sports car, a luxury house, even a 45ft yacht anchored in the Caymans!”

If you haven’t enabled Topcoin, do so now by logging into your Uniregistry account.

You can find out more about Topcoin by visiting Topcoin.com.



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One Response to “Uniregistry : Topcoin millionaire cashed his earnings”
  1. Joe says:

    Jokes aside, when will Frank start accepting Bitcoins and let his IF/DNS customers receive parking revenue in Bitcoins?

    As a long time customer, I’ve been expecting this moment.

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