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Uniregistry : Uber driver makes a fortune selling Frank’s domains



Who said you can’t make money domaining while on the go?

The proliferation of cab alternatives such as Uber and Lyft, has led many domain entrepreneurs to think outside the box, seeking additional residual income.

Simon Pauper, a domain investor from Los Angeles, makes a killing selling domain names to his Uber clients.

“At first, I wanted to see if I could flip domains for a few bucks, but after seeing how easy it is to sell them I’m now officially a mobile domain broker for Uniregistry,” says Pauper, who invests in gTLDs and dot .LA domains.

“My rides are very eager to learn about the new gTLDs and the most popular ones are by Uniregistry, I can make hundreds of dollars on the flip. As of last week, I’m also brokering Frank Schilling’s domain portfolio through the Uniregistry Market as an affiliate, this is awesome!” exclaims Pauper.

Hundreds of Uber or Lyft drivers that make minimum wage and depend on tips to supplement their income should be joining domain registrars such as Uniregistry in the coming weeks and months, as the domain brokering paradigm shifts.

The Uniregistry Market is an affiliate domain selling program, promoting Frank Schilling’s domains on more than 100 domain registrars.

For more information and to sign up, visit Uniregistry.com.


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