#Uniregistry : Updated terms of service for gTLD #domain renewals


Uniregistry has updated its terms of service, and gTLD renewals in particular.

The changes affect the post-expiration timeline of gTLD domains at Uniregistry, in line with GoDaddy terms and conditions. Uniregistry is a GoDaddy company.

Here’s the notice on the update:

To better align with GoDaddy and provide a more consistent customer experience, we are updating our Registration Agreement to reflect changes to our domain registration lifecycle. As required by ICANN, we are notifying you of these changes by email.

Section 2.9 of our Registration Agreement which covers our gTLD domain expiration policy has been revised and these changes will be effective September 1, 2020. These changes affect the post-expiration timeline and renewal policies. Specifically, domains that are not renewed within 30 days after expiration may not be available for renewal by the registrant.

By the looks of it, after 30 days past expiration such gTLD domains will be removed from a registrant’s account. It’s expected that these domains will now end up in GoDaddy auctions soon after.

Moral of the story: renew your domains early.

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