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#UniregistryXmas : Trade your #domain #TopCoin for mini Christmas fruitcake!

Christmas holidays are near, ho, ho, ho!

Uniregistry, kind sponsor of DomainGang, is here to make everything sweeter, and for a limited time you can trade in your TopCoin for something considerably tastier.

“We took a poll among domain investors, brokers and surf dudes here at the Caymans, and most people are fed up with the usual rum cakes,” said Frank Schilling, founder and CEO of Uniregistry.

“After some soul-searching, involving the sampling of several dozen varieties of holiday cake, we came to the decision that the standard Christmas fruitcake is still the best option across the board,” added Schilling.

Up until December 31st, 2017, Uniregistry will allow you to trade in your TopCoin for mini fruit cakes, baked at the Cayman islands.

The going exchange rate is 1275.22 TopCoin for the 1/2 lbs fruit cake, and 1899.63 TopCoin for the 3/4 lbs fruit cake with extra raisins and nuts.

“It’s the most delicious mini fruit cake I’ve had in my life,” said Frank Schilling, adding: “To get double points, retweet this and add the hashtag #UniregistryXmas for added goodness!”

Well then, you know the task – put your TopCoin to good use and get some sweetness mailed to your home or office.

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3 Responses to “#UniregistryXmas : Trade your #domain #TopCoin for mini Christmas fruitcake!”
  1. bobby says:

    Guys, don’t fall for this! HODL your TopCoin! It’s going through the moon in 2018!!!!

  2. DomainGang says:

    Bobby – You can HODL Christmas fruit cake too, I often regift it several years later 😛

  3. Nivens McTwisp says:

    Can TopCoin be transferred from one Uniregistry account to another?

    If so, I’d consider baking some AltCake, and mailing them out for the right amount of coin.

    Why should we allow Uniregistry to hoard all the TopCoin by cornering the market via fruitcake? Curious to see how the AltCake market will respond.

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