Up in smoke: ᴡeed.com on eBay

A weed .com domain on eBay.

We’re living in strange times, and several US states have legalized marijuana use.

The market is wide open, and with that in mind, many domain investors are focusing on weed, marijuana, hash, cannabis, hemp, ganja and other related keyword domains.

An interesting domain being auctioned on eBay is ᴡeed.com – and while the auction’s title contains the actual ASCII domain, the auction is clearly for an IDN variant.

Its owner identifies it as an IDN domain, as he should; the actual domain name is xn--eed-v6x.com.

The character set, Cherokee letters, have been (ab)used in the past, and no matter what anyone says, these are not “premium domains” when they pretend to be the matching ASCII.

With that in mind, and if you still want to bid on the “weed” domain on eBay – 13 others didclick here.

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