Update: Marchex gets our wakeup call – updates RoyalWedding.com

RoyalWedding.com gets a substantial facelift by Marchex after we blogged about it.

This is really something we’re proud of, as any news-reporting site we can’t but toot our own horn from time to time. 😀

Domain portfolio giant, Marchex, has listened to our criticism about the (ab)use of the ultra-premium domain RoyalWedding.com

Less than 10 days ago, we wrote about how Marchex used the worst landing page ever for a news-worthy and red hot domain such as RoyalWedding.com

Marchex was closely watching the very popular DomainGang post and have now updated the domain’s parking page with a rather appealingand convincing – content page, with related information about the upcoming Royal Wedding.

It’s a shame we didn’t keep a screenshot of the plain vanilla landing page!

Although far from perfect, the revenue for this type of parking page will surely grow instantly, as visitors are bound to return even after the Royal Wedding on April 29.

Well done, Marchex! 😀


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4 Responses to “Update: Marchex gets our wakeup call – updates RoyalWedding.com”
  1. RAYY says:

    I agree, I saw the old landing page of royalwedding.com. The new one looks quite good.

    I hand registered RoyalFairytaleWedding.com for the sake of royal wedding fever season. The site was just published a day ago. I try to monitise and make into Amazon merchandise product website related to royal souvenirs and collectable items, may be a bit of travel & tourism related to London scenic landmarks. Any suggestion will be much appreciated.

  2. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    RAYY – RoyalWedding.com : generic. The one you registered is a long-tail waste of a registration fee, unless you spam the living daylights out of it on every forum about Royalty.

  3. BullS says:

    Rayy— it is what we called BS site.

    Go get your money back.

    Everyone reads my site before they register those BS domains

  4. RAYY says:

    Thanks for advice. True, it’s a long-tail name and waste of money… but it’s only Aus $7.23

    See how it goes, I keep it for one year, if not good, it will drop it. It’s only $7.23 of McDonald breakfast.

    I try to get passive income from Adsense or Amazon, who knows it may recover my $7.23 from Adsense in one year…
    My plan is convert to business wedding directory listings, wedding plans, wedding photographers, wedding flowers, wedding cake suppliers, wedding hire venues, alcohol suppliers, wedding celebrities etc…May turn up into serious wedding business information website.

    Currently, It on Google page 3 when typed ” royal fairy tale wedding” ( since day 2 published) I determine to get to page one…

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