Update: Stolen domain Lightly.com has been RECOVERED!

We reported and covered exclusively the saga of the stolen domain, Lightly.com for almost 3 months. The domain was stolen from its legitimate owner in early June of this year.

The brazen thieves from China hijacked Lightly.com away from GoDaddy, using a phishing email and moved it to the Chinese domain registrar, Ename.

After listing it for sale on 4.CN, its legitimate owner notified the Chinese auction site of the domain’s status, but not before she placed a bid for it.

The adventure continued, as the thief set up a bogus web site for kids, in an attempt to fool the authorities and the registrars involved.

The great news: Lightly.com has been recovered and was returned to its legitimate owner, Patricia Clason, who notified us of the update.

GoDaddy did a great job exerting constant pressure on Ename and the end result should set a precedent for other pending domain thefts; this is great news for small business owners that do not have the extra funds to pursue such domain thefts when they occur.

Congratulations to everyone involved, providing information related to the Chinese domain thieves.

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2 Responses to “Update: Stolen domain Lightly.com has been RECOVERED!”
  1. We are very grateful for the persistent efforts of GoDaddy, their legal team and other lawyers who finally rescued this domain and others. I don’t know the whole back story, just that it wasn’t just our domain they were fighting for. I encourage people to use multi-level securities to protect their domains (i.e. the two factor authentication at GoDaddy, that sends an SMS to the phone linked, when a login to your account is required).

  2. Picas says:

    China built up an cyber army to do such dirty robbery ….hijacking,copy and stealing are supported and awarded by China Gov …

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