Upslope: Frank Schilling’s beer connection in Colorado

Upslope beer from Boulder, Colorado.

Upslope beer from Boulder, Colorado.

If you want to taste some great micro brew beer, you might want to steer away from bottles and onto the cans by Upslope Brewing Co.

That’s right, canned beer that tastes rich and empowering, with a kick-ass packaging, reminiscent of energy drinks.

The brewery boldly states, “We package our beer in aluminum cans because it’s good for you, the beer, and the environment.

Upslope beer is hands down sexy just to look at, and they operate from

The domain has been in use since 2008, a full four years after none other than Frank Schilling registered the true generic,

With so many Uniregistry employees loving beer, perhaps it’s time that Frank’s domain brokers score a big one by reaching out to the beer company! πŸ˜€

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