Don’t make this $2,500 dollar mistake!

How would you like to waste $2,500 dollars in one pixel pushing move?

In the US, you cannot drive along the highway without seeing domain names appear on billboards. It’s a rough estimate, but we believe that 90% of all billboards provide a link to a web site.

Our friend Dale drove down from Chicago to Destin and saw the following billboard in Tennessee:

Pest control is a huge business in the South. The bug season is 24/7/365 due to a stable climate in the region. More bugs means more rodents and more rodents lead to more predators.

Boy, did make a huge mistake with their most recent billboard campaign?

As one can see in this photo, the billboard appears to promote which of course falls under a catch-all for Luckily for, does not have such a catch-all entry in their DNS activated! 😀

Did we mention that billboard space is not cheap? Prices start at $500 /month for low traffic side streets, and go up to $2,500 dollars for modest traffic locations that include night lighting. The above billboard is on the historic US65 feeding right into Nashville, so most likely USPest paid a premium for it. will never know for sure how much web traffic they are losing to, but can tell by checking their traffic reports and would probably much appreciate the free advertising!

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