Utah #monolith linked to #Uniregistry domain promo for Cyber Monday

If you read about the mysterious silver monolith found in Utah last week, the mystery has now been solved.

The silver monolith wasn’t a sign from an ancient civilization, or a message from visitors with alien DNA.

Popular domain registrar, Uniregistry, planted the silver monolith in the Utah desert as a marketing campaign to attract domain registrants.

“We marked the monolith with the signature logo of Uniregistry, omitting the literal part of course,” said Uniregistry VP of Marketing, Sam Geenius.

“A random end-user hiking in Utah deciphered the message and called it in, getting a 75% discount for Cyber Monday domain registrations,” said Sam Geenius.

The placement of the silver monolith deep in the sands of Utah was a great publicity stunt for Uniregistry, a GoDaddy company.

“We used the Uniregistry logo that is globally recognizable, hands down” said Sam Geenius, adding: “The GoDaddy ‘two-egg’ logo would have made some believe it’s visitors from alpha Centauri!”

Did you know the story about the design of the iconic Uniregistry logo: Read on.

Utah monolith: It was a publicity stunt by Uniregistry

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