Uzi Nissan of fame : Want to meet him in Florida ?

Nissan Motors - They don't own

Nissan Motors – They don’t own

The case of the domain and its lengthy feud with automotive manufacturer, Nissan Motors, is legendary.

In a nutshell, a nice chap from Israel named Uzi Nissan registered the domain At the time, Nissan Motors had a different name.

Uzi Nissan was taken to court to surrender the domain, and his computer services company fought back ever since.

According to a LinkedIn post by Mr. Howard Fellman, academic professor, Uzi Nissan will be in South Florida next week to meet with him “for a quick bite to eat at a small, Israeli falafel place in Ft. Lauderdale.”

Uzi Nissan is looking to meet other domainers; anyone interested in meeting should contact Mr. Fellman via his LinkedIn profile info, no later than today, March 3rd, to RSVP.

There is no cover charge; everyone simply pays for their own meal. The invitation is open to “all .COM domainers,” according to Mr. Fellman.

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