#Vaping domains : A dying genre for #domain name investors

Vaping has been all the rage in recent years, and now it’s getting hit hard by revelations of toxic effects.

Several people have died from vaping cigarettes, and there are hundreds of cases of electronic cigarette users that are suffering from severe respiratory illnesses.

Vaping devices are part of a multi-billion dollar business, and domain names that contain famous brand trademarks are defended aggressively. IQOS by Philip Morris for example, is a brand with a record-setting number of UDRP filings.

Under these new conditions, investing in vaping domain names is becoming a dying genre. While people will continue to smoke any type of substance that satisfies their addiction, vaping is very close to being ostracized by public media and regulatory agencies alike.

If you own vaping domains they might be reaching their “end of life”. Surprisingly, the vaping domain VapingDeaths.com was registered in 2018. It might have involved accidents where the device exploded.

Here are the top 10 domain sales for “vape” followed by the top 10 domain sales for “vaping.” Data courtesy of Namebio.

Vaping deaths and vaping domains – Photo by Spencer Davis on Unsplash

vapers.com 132,470 USD 9/3/2014
vape.net 30,000 USD 2/25/2018
vapeclub.com 20,500 USD 7/15/2015
vapebot.com 17,000 USD 5/28/2015
vapedirect.com 10,000 USD 6/12/2015
vape.net 9,000 USD 3/24/2016
vapebox.com 5,500 USD 8/20/2018
88vape.com 4,268 USD 1/4/2019
safevape.com 3,600 USD 1/28/2019
visionvapes.com 3,600 USD 9/1/2018

vaping.org 7,000 USD 3/16/2016
vapingsupplies.com 5,000 USD 10/18/2017
bestvaping.com 2,509 USD 6/18/2017
socialvaping.com 1,000 USD 2/16/2014
vapingcool.com 686 USD 6/16/2016
vapingsupplies.com 500 USD 8/30/2017
vapingsupplies.com 445 USD 5/25/2017
vapingjuices.com 425 USD 1/18/2019
vapingpower.com 225 USD 5/13/2019
vapingreviews.org 205 USD 4/12/2018

Do you own any vaping domains? List them below.

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