Verisign : Bad LLLL .com #domains will receive upgrade

There’s nothing worse than a bad LLLL .com domain and Verisign – managers of .com – is about to help you change that.

“All domains contain microcode that can be tweaked and improved through system upgrades,” said chief microcode engineer at Verisign, Charles Babbage.

“We are rolling out updates all the time, and this is going to be a spectacular one, for owners of bad LLLL .com domains in particular,” added Babbage.

According to Babbage, the domain microcode upgrade will allow owners of bad LLLL .com domains to drop a letter, thus creating a replicant LLL .com with a ghost leter.

“It’s a phenomenal implementation of Dual State Domaining, or DSD,” said Charles Babbage, adding: “While the resulting domain won’t have the exact value of a three letter .com domain, it’ll be a better LLLL .com with a ghost letter, allowing for the easy memorization and improved valuation.”

If you have really crappy LLLL .com domains, list them below for free advice on which letter you should be dropping.

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