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Verisign: Mike Mann registered all remaining .com domains!

An updated report from Verisign, long-term stewards of the .com and .net TLDs, showed a remarkable growth of .com domains overnight.

With more than 271 million domains in existence at the end of 2013, Verisign’s digital assets are now twice as many as the day before yesterday.

“Someone registered more than 200 million .com domains last night, using our fair discount rates; we’re looking at a very large scale domain operation here,” said Verisign VP of Domain Registrations, Monica Moahnes.

Data from DomainTools clearly shows that the domain entity in question is domain investor, Mike Mann, who is known for his prolific mass domain registrations in the past.

We reached out to Mike Mann for a statement:

“While you’ve been fighting like coyotes over the new gTLDs, I’ve been busy registering .com domains, and with last night’s final run there are no more left for you. How does that make you feel? I hope you learned a lesson.”

Indeed, by registering 200 million .com domains, Mike Mann becomes the biggest domain stakeholder in the history of the entire known cosmos, an attribution that elevates him from demi-god to Domain God.

Mike Mann’s domain philosophy has been recorded in a series of MannQuotes that we have presented in the past; his latest achievement is proof of that remarkable modus operandi.

Don’t bother registering any .com domains today, they are all taken; there are some .net left, however.


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One Response to “Verisign: Mike Mann registered all remaining .com domains!”
  1. HowieCrosby says:

    Lol you guys! .net is king anyway!

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