#Verisign rolls out “STOP the Stop the Price Increase of .COM” #domain campaign

Verisign is going on the offensive, with a brand new, multi-million dollar campaign aimed at a Change.org petition.

The new campaign by Verisign, managers of .com and .net domains, focuses on three solid business principles:

  • Most domains in the world are .COM
  • Profit is good, in a Capitalism-driven society
  • You can always register a dot .IO domain, if you wish

The primary message: Dot .COM makes me happy.

Said the Verisign VP of marketing media, domain media & social media, Luke Dacris:

“After witnessing hundreds of domainers head over to sign the Change.org petition, it’s time to clarify things – a price increase isn’t necessarily bad for the domain industry,” said Luke Dacris.

“By increasing the base price of .COM domains for a nominal, contractually bound amount, we are ensuring that .COM domains remain in top notch shape, among thousands of ccTLDs, TLDs and gTLDs,” added the Verisign VP.

Verisign plans to offer happiness incentives to business owners to register .COM domains, as opposed to secondary top level extensions, by promoting the joy of owing a .com domain.

“Even if you’re half-brained you’ll know that .COM is the #1 top level domain in demand worldwide. Have you seen the current gas prices? They go up, and that increases our .COM transportation costs around the globe, so what we’re asking for is very reasonable,” said Luke Dacris, adding: “For every gallon of gas, you could be owning a fraction of a brand new, exciting .COM domain that will really make you feel good inside!”

Here’s a sample of the Verisign campaign below:

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