Vic Dixon: Dot .Sexy domains will be handled by my secretary at

Vic Dixon, the illustrious social media VP of, isn’t sugar-coating his blatant political incorrectness.

Fresh from his recent win at men’s bobsled racing in Sochi, Dixon is once again back on US soil, to supervise the launch of Dot .Sexy by, tomorrow.

Sporting a shaved head that guaranteed an aerodynamic profile, Vic Dixon stated:

“Objectifying our female associates has never been more gratifying, with their permission of course as signed during the employment interview. We are progressive folks here in Denver, and boy, the new dot .Sexy business is yet another great opportunity to demonstrate our man-power as a registrar!”

While some might find this type of response offensive or even sexist, there is nothing wrong with that, when dealing with the freshest new gTLD from Uniregistry, dot .Sexy.

“All dot .Sexy domain registrations will be personally handled by my lovely secretary, Linda, who’s one hot babe to ogle daily– and yes, I’m lucky like that!”, added Vic Dixon, winking at the camera.

Along with the launch of dot .Tattoo, will provide hours of stimulating video production, created by Vic Dixon’s team of testosterone-laden guys.


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