Vic Dixon eats email spam accidentally sent out by

Vic Dixon, the illustrious VP of Social Media for RightSide sweetheart,, must be having a full tummy tonight.

“We have a zero tolerance office policy, that any spam email we send out to our beloved customers by accident, must be printed out in 7 copies and consumed by whoever hits the submit button,” said RightSide CEO, Taryn Naidu, adding:

“This policy ensures that whoever is in charge of the campaign must be 100% focused and accurate in its content, or face the consequences. No false positives are allowed, we have a Name to preserve!”


Today’s campaign was flagged as spam by at least two social media filters; the email printouts were promptly consumed by Vic Dixon, who downed it all with some Fluffy Whip for flavor.

“I’m full!” said Vic Dixon, laconically.

Things are tight now that BrightSide runs with an iron fist; the strict policies have produced an increase of 33% in menstrual cramps and testicular pain among employees.

You can view the video right here.

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One Response to “Vic Dixon eats email spam accidentally sent out by”
  1. Jared says:

    With all that spam, you’re going to need some fiber.

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