Video : Cate Colgan shaves head for charity at Water Night during NamesCon 2017

Courageous Cate Colgan sacrificed her full head of hair during Water Night, at NamesCon yesterday.

The New York native, who lives in Florida, sat patiently as Andee Hill used military grade clippers, and shaved her hair off.

Cate Colgan – Water Night 2017.

Cate was clearly having fun during the event attended by several hundred NamesCon 2017 attendees. She was cheered on for her brave move, and donations poured in for the sacrifice of her hair.

Many thanks to everyone who donated during Water Night, another fun party event during NamesCon.

The donations will benefit the Water School foundation that brings clean water to African nations in need.

You can watch the video below. Our sincere apologies for shooting it vertically! 😛

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3 Responses to “Video : Cate Colgan shaves head for charity at Water Night during NamesCon 2017”
  1. Cate Colgan says:

    It was soooo great seeing you again Lucius 🙂 a fun time was had and thanks to all folks who supported either via donation or just spreading/sharing the word! My business partner Victor Pitts was right there as well cheering/supporting all the way ! loves having fun and giving back whenever we can 🙂 We’d also like to thank Radix Registry who donated $ 750.00 for allowing us to have .FUN tattooed on my forehead! Keep doing good Lucius! Love, Cate

  2. Vincent says:

    Cate is a kind hearted lady which I admire. Good job, Cate. I learn to be more open just by watching you. I know you’ll do well.
    Great article, Theo.

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