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Video: DNPost launches domain news section with dedicated RSS feeds

DNPost.com launched.

The DNPost Twins strike again.

DNPost, the newcomer in domain forums, promised lots of new features to be delivered by the end of the year, and beyond.

In an exclusive interview to DomainGang, Gerard Michael, founder of DNPost.com, made it clear that the domain forum is simply the facilitator of several future services for the domain industry, including a domain conference that will be free to attend.

The latest video from DNPost announces the launch of a dedicated news section, with dedicated feeds from blogs, news, and social media:

“Where do Domainers get their Domain News? DNPost Forum is now DNPost News! Domain News, Social Domain News, Domain Videos, Domains For Sale, BUY Domains, SELL Domains, TALK Domains. It’s Where Domainers Get Their News!”

Once again, the DNPost Twins deliver the task of announcing the launch, with gusto and sassiness. 😀

For more information, just visit DNPost.com.

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