Video : #Domainers gather in Asheville conference to party like it’s 1999

Words cannot describe the electricity in the air, as the 1st annual Asheville Meetup for domainers and their spouses unfolded.

Rick Schwartz‘s latest solo venture welcomed 80 domain investors as they shared drinks, fine canapes, unscripted gossip and solid advice on .com domains.

1st Asheville domainer’s Meetup – rooftop party photo courtesy Morgan Linton – all rights reserved

“Folks, we are ready to take on the world, one small craft beer town at a time,” said the Domain King.

“If you are not a believer, or if you have any doubts about the superiority of .com, getoutmyface!” exclaimed Rick.

Friday night ended with a complete pandemonium of dancing, music, and all around good vibes, sponsored by Verisign.

“We came all the way to Asheville to brag about how important it is to only register .com domains,” said the Verisign representative at the Asheville Meetup, Dick Comme.

“If you register anything else, you are a pathetic piece of – say, check out that super delicious shrimp buffet!” added Dick Comme, pointing to a table covered with delicious catered food.

Video from the event is shared below, courtesy of domain investor and fashion entrepreneur, Morgan Linton – let us know if you recognize anyone:

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One Response to “Video : #Domainers gather in Asheville conference to party like it’s 1999”
  1. Mika says:

    ahahahaha, makes me laugh!

    From all the coverage it looks like a really warm and positive event. Couldn’t sound any better 🙂

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