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Video tutorial : How to transfer your domains to Uniregistry, from an unnamed Registrar


Domain investors have found that Uniregistry offers a lot of perks, particularly for holders of portfolios that also take advantage of the Uniregistry Market.

With that in mind, competition among the domain registrar market is rather fierce.

Uniregistry released a new video, showing a step by step guide on how to transfer your domains to Uniregistry.

According to the description:

“Transferring your domain names to Uniregistry is as easy as flipping a switch. This short video demonstrates the process of unlocking your domain, requesting your authorization code, and completing the transfer process at Uniregistry.

We’ve worked hard to make it easy and to give our customers as much control and freedom as possible.

We offer free WHOIS privacy by default and some of the lowest renewal prices in the market. No upsells or pushy sales people; just great software that works.”

The fun part: the guide uses GoDaddy as the losing registrar for the domain name, perhaps due to the rather complex steps in extracting that info, or maybe because GoDaddy is the largest domain registrar in the world.

GoDaddy is not mentioned by name, but it’s quite obvious from the web interface. 😀

Either way, it’s a fun video that demonstrates how to get your domains transferred to Uniregistry.

Watch the video below:

Note: Uniregistry is a premium sponsor of DomainGang.com. We report on news and information related to the services they provide, which we also use.

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