Vote twice : Illegal prompt by Donald Trump might result in #domain sale

President Donald Trump prompted supporters in North Carolina to verify their mail-in vote by attempting to vote twice: once again at the polling stations.

According to Donald Trump’s logic, if their mail-in ballot was already counted, their attempt to vote again would be blocked.

That, however, is not only stupid it’s also illegal. To vote twice is a felony in North Carolina, and committing a crime such as voting twice constitutes voting fraud in the US, with dire consequences for the offender.

Of course, politicizing this type of “vote twice” activity brings attention to the matching .com domain name,

According to its lander, it’s up for sale for $2,500 dollars. While it’s illegal to vote twice, acquiring the domain is perfectly legal. One can only imagine what type of use could be made out of, but for comparison, visit

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