VRST.com : “The sky’s the limit” with new Dick’s clothing brand

Dick’s Sporting Goods announced VRST, an “exclusive, new men’s apparel brand positioned to be a first of its kind.

According to the press release, the largest U.S.-based sporting goods retailer, announced the introduction of VRST, a men’s athletic apparel brand built for the modern active man who lives life on-the-go.

The brand is pronounced “virst”—like “first”—and it’s available from the domain name VRST.com.

The domain rang a bell, so we found this appraisal thread from 2017 at NamePros. With VR being a common reference to virtual reality, many domain investors went after available names with those letters.

One of them sought to get a ballpark price for VRST.com in order to acquire it from its seller. They wanted $7,000 dollars at the time, he said, a price he wasn’t prepared to offer.

So what was the best appraisal for VRST.com just four years ago?

NamePros user Alcy gave the best answer:

around 1k for reseller now
sky is the limit for enduser

It seems that the sky is indeed the limit. The domain was most likely sold to the person seeking an appraisal, yet remained at Uniregistry.

Did Dick’s Sporting Goods pay $7,000 dollars, or considerably more for VRST.com? One thing is certain, they put a lot of effort into developing the brand.

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