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Waltz darling! Malcolm McLaren’s .com is a posthumous UDRP drama

Malcolm McLaren thrived in the 1970’s as a creative performer, clothes designer and was famous for managing the punk rock band, the Sex Pistols.

In the 1980’s, Malcolm McLaren continued to promote art and music with the intermixing of glitzy fashion performances; he was compared by many to Andy Warhol.

Malcolm McLaren died from a rare form of cancer in 2010, living behind a valuable estate strong on music record royalties, and a family/business drama that awaited to be known via a UDRP at the National Arbitration Forum.

The domain name, MalcolmMcLaren.com, was apparently registered on behalf of the late fashion/music mogul by a business partner, Paul Nordstrom August, who resides in Singapore.

The heir of McLaren’s estate, Young Kim, was McLaren’s partner of 12 years, inheriting more than a million British pounds. Almost half his age, Young Kim has been at ‘war’ with Malcolm McLaren’s son, Joe Corre, who disputed his father’s last will and testament as invalid.

Apparently, Miss Kim inherited everything but was still missing one precious asset: her late lover’s dot com.

According to the UDRP, the keeper of the .com, Paul Nordstrom August, refused to hand the domain to Young Kim “at cost“, and yet reputedly sold it for $750 to Joe Corre, who appears to be the domain’s current registrant, but only since mid February of this year.

The UDRP documents reveal more ‘dirty details’ about the feud between son & concubine; very correctly, the NAF panel determined the following:

“Based upon the allegations of the parties, the Panel finds that this is a business and/or contractual dispute between the Complainant and Respondent that falls outside the scope of the UDRP. […] Finding that the Complaint and Response raise issues beyond the scope of the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy, Accordingly, it is Ordered that the Complaint be dismissed.”

Much ado about nothing you might think. Link to full UDRP document here. In the meantime, enjoy a song & video produced by Malcolm McLaren, darlings.

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