Want to challenge a .CN domain? Do it before it turns two years old

Chinese domains.

In order to challenge the registration of .CN domains for trademark purposes, such action must be done within 2 years.

According to the current status of the CNNIC ccTLD Dispute Resolution Policy (CNDRP,) no complaints concerning a .CN (or “.中国”) domain registration over 2 years old will be accepted.

This policy is clearly outdated, according to specialist IP litigator, Eugene Low, who states:

[…] Since 15 March 2017, the new General Civil Law Rules of People’s Republic of China has extended the general limitation period for civil actions from 2 years to 3 years. The General Civil Law Rules is an important set of rules in China which sets out the overall framework of a future civil code which is expected to be in place around 2020.

Mr. Low continues:

“Now with the introduction of a general 3-year time bar under the General Civil Law Rules of People’s Republic of China, should the .CN time bar be similarly extended?”

Click here to view the full article, titled “Time to re-visit the 2-year time bar in a .CN complaint?”

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One Response to “Want to challenge a .CN domain? Do it before it turns two years old”
  1. Eric Lyon says:

    It’s interesting that they put a time limit on it. I suppose it’s logical that a company would come after it if they really wanted within 2 years if they knew about it. I wonder how they expect everyone to monitor the millions of domains registered and developed daily. Do they give instruction or offer a free brand monitoring service that sends alerts to companies?

    I guess I’m not sure this is a very viable requirement on their part.

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