Want to sell your 2-letter #domain names? Get them ready for the next #Sedo auction!

LL .com auction at Sedo

Two letter domain names, often abbreviated as “LL” to indicate letter/letter are rare unicorns. Often associated with high prestige, not to mention fewer keystrokes, two letter domains can sell at premium prices.

Do you have any LL domains?

Sedo, our kind sponsor, is holding a GreatDomains auction in January, exclusively for two letter domain names!

Scheduled for January 20-27, 2022, the auction has some basic rules, per below:

  • Every domain extension (TLD) is allowed
  • The domain consists of 2 letters: no hyphens and no digits!
  • The reserve price is in line with market values 😉
  • The domain does not violate any rights of third parties, such as trademark rights, copyrights, or names of famous people. Editor’s note: Two letter names of famous people? Hello, Mr. Xi. 😀

Submit your 2-letter domains to Sedo and take advantage of the increased visibility they will enjoy during the auction!

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