Warren Royal to launch dot .Heads abandoning Bobbleheads.com

Warren Royal launches Bobble.Heads in the near future.

Warren Royal plans to launch Bobble.Heads in the near future.

These days, we cannot keep up with new gTLD launches by ICANN’s money making machine.

Despite having domain tools such as Calzone to fall back to, plenty of times things fall through the proverbial cracks.

Warren Royal‘s new venture, dot .Heads, is about to materialize, after successfully applying for the .Heads gTLD in June.

“ICANN is much quicker at allocating applied for gTLDs, thanks to the multi-stakeholder model, no doubt,” said Warren Royal, whose successful venture is Bobbleheads.com.

“With dot .Heads we plan to expand across every possible product that involves heads: Hats, caps, hair styles, toys, migraine medications – you name it!” adds Royal.

The dot .Heads gTLD will roll out at an affordable $49.99 per domain; it might lead to some interesting domain hacks, such as Cone.Heads, Talking.Heads and even Dick.Heads.

“I’m well aware of the potential that dot .Heads will bring to everyone in the retail industry, and we’re definitely switching over to Bobble.Heads at launch time!” exclaims Warren Royal.

If this venture proves successful, Warren Royal will expand to other body parts, such as dot .Arms, dot .Legs and dot .Brains.

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