Washington #Commanders switch to Commanders.com domain

The NFL has a new team, as far as brands go: The Washington Commanders.

Following days of rumors about an imminent domain rebranding, the former Red Skins searched high and low for a suitable brand.

The matching domain, Commanders.com, now features the new logo and colors of the football team.

There is no indication how much they might have paid to acquire the domain name, which was registered in 1995. Previously, Commanders.com was in the possession of the Commanders Club, a company founded by Mr. Brian Cooley. In recent years, Commanders.com was forwarding to Commanders.club.

As of today, the NFL team’s domain RedSkins.com forwards to Commanders.com.

Congratulations to the team for the new name and to the seller of the domain for completing such a seemingly sizable transaction.

Update: Jamie of dotWeekly pointed out a Sedo sale that took place last year, so we can confirm the domain Commanders.com was sold for $20,000 dollars.

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One Response to “Washington #Commanders switch to Commanders.com domain”
  1. J.R. says:

    I hope the owner of Guardians.com does not make the same critical mistake, that is so obvious the seller of Commanders.com made. Easily a domain sale of low six figures.



    Rarely does one get a 2nd chance at such clear six-figure profit. Let’s see how long it takes Cleveland Guardians MLB to purchase Guardians.com.

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