The Washington Post calls Ebola .com owner a ‘merchant of disease’

Ebola domains are spreading around the world.

Ebola domains are spreading around the world.

A quasi-promotional article in the Washington Post covers the domain, and refers to its owner, Jon Schultz as a “merchant of disease.

It’s not just that Schultz is seeking six figures for, a conservative amount by all means.

According to the article, Jon Schultz’s other domains include (acquired for $20,000), and a couple of other exotic disease domains.

For the first time, the acquisition price of is disclosed: a mere $13,500 in 2008; the current asking price is $150,000.

The comments in the article appear to be rather unsavory for such domain investments as well.

For the full article, titled “The merchant of disease who wants six figures for Ebola.comclick here.

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