Water School Night at NamesCon 2016 raises Six Figures!

Water Night at NamesCon 2016 in Las Vegas was held last night; the party helps raise a substantial amount of money for the improvement of water conditions in impoverished nations in Africa.

Richard Lau gave a powerful yet emotional speech, stating that the Water School gave birth to NamesCon, and asked domainers present and away to kindly open their hearts and wallets and support the Water School cause.

In reference to the contributors, Richard Lau stated:

“Almost $30k at the door in pledges, then about $35k in WaterShave pledges, then a $30k “matching of door pledges” by Namecheap, plus approx $15k in donations from NamesCon and WaterNight sponsors to make it well over $100k!!!!”

Founded in 2007, WaterSchool, has already changed that for over 600,000 people ­ and they’re not stopping  there. Through a unique combination of solar disinfection technology and community training, WaterSchool  has equipped over 500 communities to clean their water and improve their standard of living.

A big thank you goes out from us, to everyone that donated during Water Night!

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