Have it both ways: Domain conference or vacation?

If you’re contemplating a hefty bill in order to attend a domain conference, versus going on a vacation with your significant other – or alone – the choice is obvious.

Not only are vacations necessary to rejuvenate and rekindle relationships, your abstinence from socializing the “same old, same old” circle of buddies, associates and colleagues will freshen up your outlook in life and domaining.

Can one foot the bill in today’s bad economy and attend a domain conference, all while saving enough money for a summer resort trip to Cancun?

The answer is yes, absolutely.

Virtual Web Fair 2014 takes place on July 24th, and the day long attendance ticket will be priced ridiculously low, less than $40.

So grab your flip-flops and swimming gear and start planning your summer vacation, because you will save thousands of dollars by attending Virtual Web Fair this July!

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