WDF.com: Premium three letter domain goes back to Telepathy

Telepathy, Inc., has regained control of the premium, aged, three letter .com domain, WDF.com.

This 1998 LLL .com was in the possession of a China-based registrant, according to historic WHOIS data, from late 2015. At some point it was offered for sale via the Chinese domain brokerage, 4.CN.

It’s not clear why the domain’s WHOIS was changed in 2015, if it were brokered.

Perhaps the domain was sold by Telepathy at the time and was once again acquired; there’s also the possibility that it was given out on a payment plan that defaulted. Another possible scenario: WDF.com was stolen and was just retrieved but we have no record of that. There are no recorded sales of WDF.com on NameBio.

We’ll be reaching out to Nat Cohen, Telepathy founder, for some potential information on what’s going on with WDF.com. The domain is currently pointed to SearchFusion.info, another domain that belongs to Telepathy, Inc.

Update: Nat told us that he just bought the domain from its Chinese registrant, after selling it to a Chinese buyer years ago. Sounds like a great flip! 😀

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