We miss Chef Patrick!

Ever since taking that great family picture on Christmas Day, Chef Patrick has been missing in action.

After investing a load of cash into the ScienceFiction.com project, the Founder and CEO of the holding company has apparently taken a break from blogging.

That’s quite frustrating, however, as Chef Patrick’s antics provided us with inspiration for our own write-ups.

Chef Patrick’s videos, featuring young models from the Tampa area with chest sizes larger than their IQ were a huge success among the male-dominated domain industry.

Heck, even some female domainers liked the eye-candy on Chef Patrick’s weekly interaction from the couch. 😉

These days are gone now that the ScienceFiction.com project continues to reach new heights of readership.

But we still have a plea to make, for the sake of every domainer on this planet:

Chef Patrick, please come back to blogging! 😀

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3 Responses to “We miss Chef Patrick!”
  1. tricolorro says:

    “Chef Patrick has been missing in action”

    You’ll find him on ElliotsBlog in the Comments section.


  2. Chef Patrick says:

    Thanks for the love DomainGang.com.

    I do need to get back to blogging, I miss it!

    I’m still around, pick up the phone and call anytime 🙂

  3. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    Tric – I can’t believe I missed that 😀

    Patrick – Good to see you’re alive! Now get cracking with your blog about domains, the sci-fi tales can wait!

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